The problem with Rats and Mice in your Plymouth home

Now we don’t want to scare you or try and create panic but we thought it might be useful to share a little more insight into why you don’t want rats and mice in your Plymouth home. Apart from the fact that many people are scared of the four legged rodents, there are some other facts to be aware of.

Chewing through Electrical wires

If you have rats and mice living in the crevices and hidden places of your Plymouth property they can cause untold and unseen damage. Of course these creatures are well known for gnawing. They aren’t fussy – they will gnaw through wood, pipes and electrical wires. As well as the damage to the structure of your property this is also a fire risk.

Rodent diseases

There are many diseases that can be carried by rats and mice. You only have to think of a rat’s habitat to hazard a guess at the types of things they come into contact with. Bites and scratches can result in diseases but whilst you may not come that close to one they can also spread disease through their urine. Rat urine can spread leptospirosis. This disease, if transmitted to humans, can result in liver and kidney damage. Also transmitted by rat urine and their saliva is Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis (LCMV) . This is a viral disease which can lead to long term effects.


Of course one of the more feared diseases is the bubonic plague or Black Plague. This particular disease is transmitted from fleas that live on rats that then bite humans. In addition to a number of other diseases, rats are hazardous to the health of you and your family. Whilst they may be tucked away under floorboards or in loft spaces they do often venture out at night to explore.


With this much risk from just one or two rodents imagine the damage if they are allowed to breed. The gestation period is just a few short weeks and they can give birth to 3-14 at a time. With a female able to produce 5-10 litters a year you will soon be overrun by them. Once this occurs you have more than just a small rodent property.

We strongly advise getting rid of suspected rats and mice at your Plymouth property. Dont’ give them chance to cause long lasting damage. Call us now on 01752 929292 or get in touch to discuss your requirements with us.



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