With winter approaching what pests might infiltrate your Plymouth home? 

It may be getting colder, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be at risk of pests infiltrating your home. In fact, winter is a busy time for Plymouth pests who look for somewhere warm to make their home.

Rats and Mice in your Plymouth home

Rats and mice are probably the most common problem. It’s cold outside, and the food is much more scarce. The only option is to find somewhere safe and warm that offers a good supply of food! That’s when your home becomes inviting to rats and mice in Plymouth. These Plymouth pests will find their way in through a small opening outside and make their way to the wall cavities or up in the attic where it is nice and warm. If you regularly leave food out on the kitchen side or don’t clean up the crumbs, then you are also offering a meal. Free bed and board to rats and mice. They will make short work of nibbling through your cereal packets! Once they are full, they will probably build a nest and hibernate before they awaken and multiply!

Flies and cockroaches

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Now you may think that then end of summer marks the end of flies and cockroaches for the season. You are wrong. They will head inside from the cold and find their homes inside lovely warm, cosy homes. They are a particular problem for hotel kitchens, restaurants, and other food outlets with warm ovens and damp, moist conditions at this time of year. Of course, once inside you will need a professional Plymouth pest control specialist to remove them.

Wasps are pests that are harder to detect

The queens do not die in the autumn like the rest of the nest. In fact, winter is when the wasp nest problem begins. The queen will head inside somewhere warm and hibernate. As soon as the warmer weather returns, the queen will start building her nest and laying her eggs. Then before you know it, you suddenly have a surprise wasp nest.

Protect your home from Plymouth pests

If you are concerned about Plymouth pests making their way into your property, then it is recommended that you carry out a thorough check to the external of the property. Check outside for any access points, holes in bricks and points where rats and mice might be able to squeeze through. It is hard to stop smaller pests getting in though so if you are at all concerned then get in touch with us and we will be happy to advise.

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