High Level Access

The bird proofing work that we undertake at Falcon often requires that we have high level access to install bird netting, bird spiking and bird lasering systems on top of roofs of large structures. Sometimes it’s not as simple as using ladders to access a roof or having a scaffold specially constructed. Often, we need equipment and people, that are specifically designed and experienced for the job. Our high level access bird proofing service is perfect for those with large scale projects that need undertaking.

Steeplejacks and Rope Access Teams

When it comes to high level access bird proofing for churches/cathedrals for example, access to the spire may be required. When you consider the height of a church and how high the spire goes and then imagine getting a team up there to work, you can see that solutions such as scaffolding are not always feasible. Luckily there is an alternative!

The solution is to use a team of steeple jacks and rope access specialists to install the necessary ladders/equipment and then use rope access specialists to reach these tricky places. It’s also not a job for the faint hearted or those afraid of heights. Lucky for us, we have access to fabulous teams that can carry out this work safely and effectively with lots of experience. They know exactly what is required and make it look easy.

What Projects Do We Use Rope Access For?

In addition to churches and cathedrals, rope access for bird proofing can be used on buildings such as multi-storey office blocks, hospitals, hotels and other large constructions where high level access is required to reach the roof and carry out bird netting and other forms of effective bird control.

Benefits of Rope Access

There are many benefits to using rope access as an alternative to scaffolding:

More accessible – if you imagine how much scaffolding you would need to reach the roof of a multi-storey building, you can see why rope access is a much more feasible solution.

Cost Effective – Less construction and less equipment means that rope access is more cost effective than scaffolding.

Less visible/disruptive – Using a steeple jack and rope access team is far far less visible and disruptive to a building that is frequented by visitors/guests.

Less Time Consuming – Having a large scale scaffold erected and dismantled adds time to the project that can be avoided when using rope access teams.

Our High Level Access Bird Proofing Teams

Our experience in bird proofing and bird control means we have access to the right equipment for the right job. We are lucky to have experienced teams of specialists that are trained to do such jobs. If you would like to enquire about our rope access and steeplejack services, do not hesitate to contact us on 01752 929292.


high level access bird proofing


Great prompt service, would highly recommend, Helping keep our staff and clients safe in these unprecedented times.
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