Many of you will have experienced the odd rogue Blue Bottle or Fruit Fly that makes its way into your Plymouth home. You will chase it round and wave at it until you gently coax it to an open window. While one fly isn’t enough to prompt us to call in the Plymouth pest control experts, what happens when we have more than one?

Different types of Plymouth flies

There are a few types of of Plymouth flies that you can expect to see in your home. They are all attracted by different things but none of them are what you would call welcome house guests. They include:


Plymouth flies

Preventing flies from setting up home

Prevention is better than cure as they say so in the first instance you must ensure that you exercise good hygiene. Don’t let fruit fester in the fruit bowl and don’t leave rubbish lying around that may attract Blue Bottle flies.

If you have a wheelie bin, in the height of summer it is not uncommon to find maggots at the bottom after an extended period of time. Don’t ignore them. Clean out the bin with boiling water and make sure you get rid of them all. Having a maggot infested bin in close proximity to your property is going to encourage Plymouth flies into your house. Clean up dog mess in the garden as well – this is an attractive proposition for flies. Who wants them in their house after they have been feasting on your dog’s waste?

Getting rid of unwanted flies in your Plymouth home

Some people use fly traps or those sticky traps that hang down from the ceiling. Of course, this will capture the odd fly but who wants a fly trap with dead flies stuck to it in the middle of their kitchen? if the problem is more severe and you are finding more and more flies then it is time to call ing the Plymouth pest control experts who will get rid of your Plymouth flies and stop them from coming back.

At Falcon Environmental Services we are fully equipped to deal with all kinds of Plymouth pest control. Simply call us on 01752 929292 for more advice or assistance.




Great prompt service, would highly recommend, Helping keep our staff and clients safe in these unprecedented times.
We have arranged a monthly anti fogging with them.
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