If you have a Plymouth mole problem then the first sign of this will be the presence of mole hills in your garden. Now while moles aren’t going to get into your house or eat your chickens like a fox would, for the keen gardener they are a nightmare. Imagine looking out of your window to see your beautifully smooth lawn full of broken soil and unsightly mounds. As nocturnal creatures the damage is done at night so the chances are you will wake up each morning to even more of these unsightly mounds.

Just one Plymouth mole can damage plants and seedlings

Moles breed from February to June and will live in nests underground. While they can have between three to four offspring at a time, they are lone animals and the damage that you see is often caused by just one mole. They dig a series of connecting tunnels underground popping up on the surface and then going back below ground again. In addition to the numerous mole hills they leave behind, their digging also disturbs the roots of many plants and seedlings.


Just one mole can cause much damage to your Plymouth garden – Photo by Jared Belson

Call in Plymouth pest control experts

 If you think that you have a mole in your garden then don’t wait to see if it causes any more damage. Call in a professional Plymouth pest control expert that will be able to assist you with your mole problem. They have a number of tactics for dealing with unwanted moles and encouraging them to move on to other areas. Once the mole has been moved on you can restore order back to your beautiful garden.

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