Rabbit Control

The trouble with rabbits is that they love to chew. They aren’t fussy and will chew through wires, boards and fences and make a meal of your favourite plants. For farmers growing crops, rabbits present a big problem but these pests don’t discriminate – fields, gardens and wherever they can find a home and a plentiful supply of food. In order to keep them out of your property, there are rabbit control and proofing measures that can be taken.

At Falcon Environmental Services we offer the following South West rabbit control and proofing services to help you manage and limit the damage caused by these pests.

Rabbit Control

Rabbit control involves reducing the population of rabbits in an area. It doesn’t involve removing the entire population, just bringing the number of rabbits down to a level where the potential damage is more tolerable. With a few rabbits, it is much harder to notice the damage. Using traditional and environmentally friendly methods, we can help to control the rabbit population in your local area. This will protect your crops or property from further damage. Of course, after a while, the rabbits will breed again so we are able to offer a more regular contracted South West rabbit control service to ensure that you don’t encounter the same issues in the future.

Rabbit Eradication

The next step up from controlling the rabbit population is the eradication of rabbits in a specific area. This service can be offered for the smallest of gardens to larger agricultural properties. We will work closely with you to help you achieve the desired outcome. We use a variety of services to achieve the required results. In the first instance, we will carry out a survey and inspection before we plan the techniques that we will use to remove the rabbits. We have years of experience and use only environmentally friendly methods such as dogs trained to sniff out the rabbits and thermal imaging equipment to ensure that we get rid of all of the pests.

Rabbit Proofing

Once we have removed the rabbits, you may want to consider our rabbit proof fencing service. This will prevent the rabbits from entering your property in the future.

Now we know that rabbits like to dig so it is imperative that the fencing used is buried deep enough to ensure that the rabbits can’t find their way under. It also has to be high enough for even the nimblest rabbit to be unable to scale. We use high quality, galvanised steel, wire fencing which is strong enough to withstand the chewing habits of rabbits as well. We can design your fence to be a stand-alone fence or to be erected alongside existing fencing to add that extra level of rabbit protection.

One-off and regular contracted services

All of these services are available as a one-off treatment or we can provide an ongoing, regular service to ensure that you don’t encounter future problems. All of our methods of rabbit control are environmentally friendly and highly effective. From greatly reducing the population of the rabbits in an area to limit the damage to eradicating them entirely we can provide the service that best suits your requirements.

If you would like further details on our rabbit control, rabbit eradication and rabbit proofing methods then please do not hesitate to get in touch – 01752 929292.





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