At Falcon Environmental Pest Control Services, we are very proud to be able to offer first-class commercial fumigation services in both the UK and around the world. Our fumigation services include the fumigation of cruiseships, cargo ships, boats, hotels, oil rigs, university halls of residence and more.

Fumigation of Cruise Ships

It is not unusual to hear horror stories of vomiting outbreaks on cruise ships or bedbugs on board. In fact, it is no surprise when you consider how much time many hundreds are people are in close proximity to others. Bedbugs and other insects are unfortunately very easy to spread and are usually bought on to ships from passengers before quickly spreading. in fact, any number of the following could soon infest a ship making it unhabitable to guests:

The only solution to rid the ship of these unwanted guests is a full and thorough fumigation service by a team of licensed and experience professionals. 

Fumigating a ship in transit or dry dock 

Now while a cruise liner needs to be empty in order to fumigate it safely, it doesn’t mean that we can’t carry out these fumigation services while on route to a new destination. In fact, we are happy to travel with our team and fumigate the ship in transit or in the harbour. Alternatively when a ship goes into dry dock for maintenance and repair we can board the vessel and carry out the work.

Fumigating Cargo Ships

It is not just cruise ships that often need fumigating. When you consider the journeys across the oceans made by many cargo ships and the contents of that cargo, it is not unusual for ships to become home to cockroaches, moths, flies or other exotic insects that are bought in from foreign shores. In these circumstances, it is essential that full and thorough fumigation takes place to protect future cargo and the ship’s crew.

cargo ship fumigation

Accommodation Including Hotels and University Halls

Bugs, insects and creepy crawlies are not fussy about where they take up residence and start to spread in number. Accommodation can become infested with fleas, bedbugs, silverfish or other insects in no time. This sort of incident can not only close a hotel until the problem is resolved, it can also damage the reputation of an establishment. When you find yourself with an infestation, we can come out to your premises and offer our fumigation services.

Fumigation Services for Oil Rigs

fumigation of oil rigs

Another area that we can help with is on an oil rig. If rig should succumb to bed bugs, ants, flies, cockroaches, silver fish or any other type of insect, it can be a very unpleasant environment for the crew. We can travel to the rig and carry out the work to make sure that we rid you of these unwanted guests. 

At Falcon, we are fully equipped and experience to deal with ship fumigation. Our services also extend to other communal leisure areas as well like hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts and other forms off accommodation. We can even fumigate aircraft. For more information about our fumigation services, simply call us on 01752 929292.

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